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“So how much does Spray Foam Insulation cost?”  This is the single most asked question by anyone looking into using Spray Foam for their home or business.  There is no single answer, the final price varies on a number of factors.

As with most building products, the cost of spray foam insulation will be influenced by quantity, labor and type. Will the Spray Foam be applied in a new building or an existing one (a retrofit)? Focusing only on the cost of insulation may deter some from investing in Spray Foam as your insulation of choice, however,  if you consider the variables and think about your return on investment over the life of your purchase, the cost of spray foam cost becomes a wise investment.

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the price of spray foam. The price of your installation will be influenced by factors including:

  • Spray Foam Type: What kind of Spray Foam insulation will be used? Does your project require closed-cell or open-cell spray foam insulation? Open-cell spray foam insulation is cheaper than closed-cell and  equally effective in residential or commercial projects, providing thermal comfort, air-sealing and moisture management. In fact, open-cell spray foam can actually provide sound dampening thanks to its soft, sponge-like texture.

  • Area: What is the total square feet/area being sprayed? Is the building being completely sprayed with  Spray Foam insulation or is it only a specific room that needs to be sprayed? Of course, the larger the area needing to be insulated, the larger the  initial investment than a smaller area. But again, we are thinking about the long-term return on investment (ROI) with reduced energy bills due to Spray Foam’s air sealing qualities.

  • Labor: Remember to factor in the price of the spray foam contractor’s labor. Unlike painting, spray foam insulation is not really a DIY project and should be applied by a certified professional. Investing in a certified Spray Foam installer will also provide you with peace of mind.


This is not an exhaustive list, but it should be clear that the price of Spray Foam insulation can be varied and there is no one set price for the product. It’s best to keep in mind that while there is a greater upfront investment for Spray Foam insulation than some of the cheaper insulation materials on the market, the Spray Foam insulation pays you back immediately and over the long-term.  It provides a return on on your investment that can be appreciated over the full life of the product.


For a general sense of what spray foam insulation costs, if a light density product is needed for your project the cost can be roughly about $0.50 to $0.75 per board foot.


If a closed-cell insulation product is needed, the can cost roughly $0.75 to $1.50 per board foot. Again, these costs should be used as a guide only. 


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